Restaurant Champeaux: Alain Ducasse at Les Halles in Paris

Published on June 03, 2016
  • Inside the Brasserie Champeaux

    © Brasserie Champeaux

    Inside the Brasserie Champeaux

    © Brasserie Champeaux

Restaurant Champeaux: Alain Ducasse at Les Halles in Paris Forum des Halles 75001 Paris fr

The famous Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse is opening a new restaurant in Paris. In early April, the Champeaux brasserie will open its doors beneath the Canopée in the new development at Les Halles.

Just a stone’s throw from Saint-Eustache church, the Champeaux brasserie will serve simple cuisine focusing on traditional ingredients such as snails, oysters, boudins (blood sausages) and tartares.   The light sauces and low-sugar desserts will delight guests keen on traditional, gourmet French cuisine.

A bright refined setting

The restaurant, which can serve 180 diners inside and 80 on the outdoor terrace, is full of bright natural light thanks to its large bay windows. The interior architecture is very much in tune with the new, very modern design of Les Halles, with natural materials and minimalist lines which give an overall ambience that is both warm and contemporary.

A contemporary menu board

The most striking feature of the restaurant is its impressive display of metal slats, similar to those used in airports. This original version of a traditional slate board will highlight the restaurant’s menus and dishes of the day.  

The name of the restaurant, Le Champeaux, is a reference to the location where, in the 12th century, Louis VI established the large market which would become the precursor to Les Halles. The name also pays tribute to the Champeaux restaurant founded in 1800, which once stood near the Bourse.


Brasserie Champeaux
12 passage de la Canopée
Forum des Halles
Porte Rambuteau
Paris 75001

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