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Northern France

Welcome to the Sticks! Since the charming French comedy starring Danny Boon, in which the dialect of Picardy plays a vital role throughout the story, northern France has become increasingly popular.

In general, the regions in the North of France are still rather known among tourist insiders only, as their offer differs somewhat from the "classic" holidays in France. Discover the cultural treasures of regions such as Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, such as impressive cathedrals or the vibrant city of Lille (European capital of culture in 2004)!

From a geographical point of view, Normandy also belongs to northern France. The region is sometimes referred to as the "land of 3 C": Camembert, calvados and cider are the culinary specialites of the region. However, Normandy has more to offer than endless rows of appletrees! The famous Mont Saint-Michel with its fascinating abbey is just one of many cultural highlights you shouldn't miss when visiting the region...