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DESTINATION : VULCANIA ! 63230 Saint-Ours-les Roches fr

The world’s biggest theme park dedicated to volcanoes and earth science !

Are you ready to journey to the centre of the Earth ?

Set off with family and friends or in a group to discover the planet and the volcanoes, to understand the mysteries and experience the fun and the spectacle first-hand. We’re off to Vulcania, to the heart of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes in Auvergne.

AT VULCANIA, you are all explorers for a day

Somewhere between a theme park and an exploration area, Vulcania takes young and old alike on an adventure like no other, full of discoveries and new experiences. The beautiful setting of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes of Auvergne is the ideal setting for learning a thousand fascinating facts about the world’s volcanoes.

The adventure begins at the Crater, which formed in a 30,000-year-old ancient lava flow. The tunnels hollowed out in the volcanic rock guide you to Sacred Volcanoes, an attraction at the heart of the world’s 6 great legendary volcanoes. Your visit ends with the 4D attraction Dragon Ride and an encounter with the legendary creatures associated with the evils of the Earth.

Our planet’s mysteries are revealed during the interactive attraction Earth Machine, and Pyroclastic Flow Tunnel will show you everything there is to know about grey volcanoes, the most devastating of all.

The most intrepid explorers will face The Giants of Auvergne Awaken, a visitors’ favourite. The adventure continues with an interactive trip around the world with Unveiled Planet and the striking images of volcanoes and the Earth shown on a 415 m² Giant screen.

Everyone can learn while they have a good time at Vulcania, where exciting attractions offer just the right dose of science and entertainment. Experience nature hands-on, and learn while you have fun.

The Experimentation Area offers a series of workshops for young and old alike, including saving the town of Clermont-Ferrand from a lava flow. The Children’s Museum is a special Universcience area for children ages 3 to 7, to learn about science through experiments with movement, the senses, light and water.

Our youngest guests can then discover Vulcania through the Pitoufeu and the Volcanoes treasure hunt and with a model of Vulcania, Vulcania en miniature.

Outdoors, you can discover the basalt and pozzolana earth of the park’s 57 hectares either on foot or on the VolcanBul. After learning everything there is to know about volcanoes and earth science, climb aboard the Puys Balloon and admire the sleeping giants from 100m up in the air.

Share our passion for science ! Don’t wait - come join us and discover all that Vulcania has to offer.


Route de Mazayes
63230 Saint-Ours-les Roches

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