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    © Atout France/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

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Puy Saint-Vincent resort: the gateway to Les Ecrins

Pays des Ecrins offers medium and high altitude mountains, where you can enjoy a variety of winter activities in an impressive setting.

A family resort, both modern and traditional

The resort provides an array of accommodation at different altitudes, from 1400 metres to 1800 metres, at the heart of the skiing area in the village.

With a skiing area stretching 75km, between 1400m and 2750m in height, le Puy Saint Vincent has beautiful ski runways and a whole host of nature activities on offer: Nordic skiing, dog sledding, mountaineering, off-piste skiing, paragliding, snowshoe, night skiing, snow scootering...

Puy Saint Vincent is a traditional group of villages, which also provides all the advantages of a modern resort. It is well situated as it is north facing, with transitional pistes snaking their way between the larch trees. The resort’s positioning guarantees a completely natural snow experience until the end of the season.

Nordic area

The Nordic area of Puy Saint Vincent consists of 23km of cross country ski runway and 18km of marked out snowshoeing, a part of which is dedicated to pedestrians (15km), for example the Narreyroux valley, la boucle du Lauzet, le Col de la Pousterle and Préloubet.

The site stretches out between 1400 metres to 2025 metres, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Durance valley on the Pelvoux summit from the Col de la Pousterle et the Belvédère des Têtes.

The alpine ski resort provides 75km of runway and 12 ski lifts, 3 of which are high speed and slow boarding, 4 chair lifts and 5 ski tows.

You can reach the Nordic ski site from resort 1800 or 1400, or from the high speed and slow boarding ski lifts at Près, le Villaret or the parking lots at Fontumberge and Prey du Milieu.

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