Workshop and factory visits

  • Handbag with cameleon by Louis Vuitton: 25,000.00 €

    © Wikimedia Commons / Photography: Atelier Ted Noten / Artwork: Atelier Ted Noten

    Handbag with cameleon by Louis Vuitton: 25,000.00 €

    © Wikimedia Commons / Photography: Atelier Ted Noten / Artwork: Atelier Ted Noten

Workshop and factory visits

The Christofle workshop in Yainville (Normandy)

The House of Christofle was founded in 1830 by jeweller Charles Christofle.  

This silverware, which has adorned noble tables since the time of Napoleon III, is now renowned worldwide, each piece undergoing an extremely precise manufacturing process.  

Visit the Christofle workshops to meet the craftsmen who apply the techniques and savoir-faire that reflect the brand's quality. Indeed an exciting discovery of the high mastery of metal metamorphosis!


Inventiveness and excellence have been representative of the House of Causse since 1892.

The manufacturing workshops of Millau's famous Causse gloves are located in the city's historical glove-making district.  

Visit their contemporary workshops there to take in the subtle smells of raw material, and to admire the master glove-makers' attention to detail.

Don't forget to stop by the boutique, which has all the different models on display. Enhance your visit of the workshops with a museum tour to uncover the Maison's full history.

Repeatedly recognized for its expertise, the House of Causse - whose collections have been displayed at the Anvers Fashion Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris since 2006 - is given the label of "Entreprise du patrimoine vivant," or Living Heritage Company, for its rare, ancestral know-how.

In September 2013, a Causse boutique opened in Paris, on rue de Castiglione, in the heart of the historical luxury craftsmanship district. 

Louis Vuitton

The brand, created in 1854, set up in the rue de la Comète workshops, in Asnières, in 1859, primarily so that they could receive deliveries by boat.

These workshops are the heart of the House of Vuitton savoir-faire, and the most prestigious and special orders are still manufactured in Asnières today.

Upon entering the Louis Vuitton workshops, you will notice the large workshop and glass rooftop adjacent to the family home, which was purchased by Louis Vuitton for his wife; their son George Vuitton moved there in 1892.

The family home, since then transformed into an Art Deco-style museum, awaits visitors curious of the brand's 150-year history. 

Parfumerie Fragonard

Located in the heart of the old town, the historical perfume factory is amongst the oldest in Grasse.  

The name Parfumerie Fragonard was chosen in 1926, as a tribute to the famous painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Since then, perfumes, cosmetics and soaps are produced in a setting imbued with respect for tradition.

Guided visits allow guests to learn about the various procedures involved in producing and packaging Fragonard products.  A stop at the private museum at the end of the tour will allow you to also discover 3,000 years of perfume history.