Vintage trends in Paris

  • Shopping Parisien (Kiliwatch)

    © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : Stéphanie Rivoal

    Shopping Parisien (Kiliwatch)

    © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer : Stéphanie Rivoal

Vintage trends in Paris 75000 Paris fr

Second-hand clothes shops, vintage boutiques … In Paris, dress up in style with unique clothing items.Vintage is still hip in Paris. Second-hand clothes shops offering second-hand clothes, jewellery and accessories are full of treasures.

Boutique Solidaire, the new baby of the Secours Catholique, opened at the beginning of 2012 in the Marais and enhances the image of clothes deposited at its headquarters. As for the association Emmaüs, it has seven second-hand clothes shops in Paris, the largest of which is on rue de Charonne.

At Étienne-Marcel, Kiliwatch is one of the most well-known second-hand clothes shops in Paris. Episode, its neighbour, has a wide choice ranging from leather bags to accessories, jackets and dresses from the 1960s and 1970s.

Also in the Marais, Free 'P'Star, Noir Kennedy, and Hippy Market. For luxury items, MB Select offers bags, shoes and clothes from top brands. Over in the 16th arrondissement, Réciproque is the second-hand clothes shop for top fashion brands. Finally, the Butte Montmartre is full of little boutiques like Chine Machine and Mamie and Mamie Blue.

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