Top 7 Brunch Places in Paris

Top 7 Brunch Places in Paris paris fr

Weekend brunches are sacred! And in Paris, there's certainly no lack of delicious restaurants to try. Whether you're in the mood for a classic brunch of (scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and brioche) or a super healthy brunch of açaï bowls, homemade granola, avocado toast, and plant-based milk, here are our Top 7 Brunch Places right now in Paris. 

4 Addresses for a Healthy Brunch in Paris 


Sundays at l'Alcazar mean that Angèle Maeght Ferreux, the queen of healthy food, is in charge of the kitchen. There are so many options to satisfy the appetite of veggie-lovers and everyone who wants to brunch outside the box. On the all-you-can-eat menu: açaï bowls, plant-based yogurt and milk with homemade granola and almond purée, gluten-free breads and cakes, fresh fruit juices and hot drinks (coffee, matcha tea latte, and more). Salads and porridges can also be shared. You'll have to choose between a number of main courses: avocado toast, free-range chicken, vegetarian burger with Ossau-Iraty cheese, or tataki salmon - all complete in a sumptuous setting with cozy couches and plants suspended from the ceiling. 

Practical info: 62, rue Mazarine, Paris 6ème, reservations recommended; full brunch menu 38 € (Sundays only).


Wild and the moon

Hanging plants, wooden tables, friendly servers behind a well-designed counter - here, you'll feel like you're at home! And what's more, you can enjoy brunch at any hour of the day. On your plate, you'll find a 100% vegetarian, plant-based cuisine - currys, focaccias, soups, and more, so delicious that you'll feel like royalty. For dessert, be sure to try the amazing granola açaï bowl, the chia seed pudding, or the tarte Tatin crue (the "raw Tatin"). In terms of hot beverages, you can find a number of unusual-yet-incredible concoctious, including a creamy chai tea or matcha latte and cold-pressed juices. 

Practical info: 55, rue Charlot, Paris 3ème; no set menu (order plates individually: 7-11 €); continuous service (Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-7:00 PM; Sat-Sun 9:00 AM-7:00 PM).



There's something for everyone at Chez Season, from lovers of trendy açaï bowls, matcha bowls, and avocado toast to those who prefer pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, and eggs benedict. A clean, minimalist decor. 
Practical info: 1, rue Charles-François Dupuis, Paris 3ème; no set menu (order plates individually, approx. 10 €).

Super Nature

In the span of just a few years, Super Nature has totally enchanted the Rue de Trévise: a takeout place at number 8, a cafeteria at number 12, and a café-restaurant at number 15. For the brunch menu, head to the cafeteria on Sunday. To name just a few of the delectable items on the menu: fresh fruit juice, fromage blanc and homemade muesli, and shirred eggs and guacamole. It's organic, fresh, and above all, absolutely delicious. Apart from brunch, we highly recommend the homemade cheesecake - a slice of heaven! 

Practical info: 12 rue de Trévise, Paris 9ème; brunch menus starting at 24 € (Sunday only).



3 Extra-Gourmet Brunches in Paris

Big love caffè

Part of the much-loved Big Mamma chain (Ober Mamma, East Mamma, and more), check out the Big Love Caffè! First opened at the end of November 2016, it satisfies all sorts of foodies: Italiophiles, those who eat gluten-free, and those who just like to eat. While more of a pizzeria in the evening (serving gluten-free pies cooked in a wooden oven), you can enjoy brunch here all day, every day of the week! On the menu: eggs benedict, Amalfi lemon brioche, and a dish nicknamed the "kickass," including enormous ricotta pancakes with blueberries. The Big Love Caffè has a somewhat atypical interior, with a glass wall, big comfortable booths, and an Italian delicatessen decor. 

Practical info: 30, rue Debelleyme, Paris 3ème; no reservations; no set brunch menu (order plates individually, usually between 15-24 €); seven days a week, continuous service from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 



English is the dominant language in this Australian café, where owners Sarah and Nico serve excellent little dishes with seasonal ingredients. The Sunday brunch menu changes every week! But one constant that you just have to try are the fluffy pancakes topped with whipped cream, pecans, maple syrup, and fresh fruit. All day long, you can order excellent eggs (served however you'd like - scrambled, poached, sunny-side up), with toast and your choice of fillings, from bacon to cheese to mushrooms. Holybelly is, above all, a great coffee place, with grounds from the Brûlerie de Belleville. They've become so successful - as you can tell just by looking at the line out the door - that a second location opened its doors in Spring 2017. 

Practical info: 19, rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris 10ème, no reservations; no set brunch menu (order plates individually, usually between 15 €) ; Monday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (last call at 2:15); Saturday-Sunday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (dernière last call at 3:15)


Mama Shelter

When you find yourself absolutely ravenous on Sunday morning, there's no question - head to Mama Shelter. The brunch is gargantuous, based around a number of buffets. You can find a bread bar, viennoiseries, and brioche to accompany your homemade whipped cream, jam, and spreads. Lovers of Englsh-style breakfasts will delight in the scrambled eggs, bacon, and chicken sausage. Next, head to the main buffet with Gravlax salmon, baked eggs with chorizo, quinoa salad, charcuterie, and other hot dishes, including pizza, pasta, and duck. Don't forget about Mama Shelter's cheeses (Morbier, Comté, and goat, just to name a few) and gourmet desserts: delicious waffles with homemade whipped cream, fresh fruit salad, and petits fours, all with a little chocolate thrown in. Hungry yet? 

Practical info: 109 rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris; reservations recommended; set brunch menu 42 € (Sundays only)