Supporters Euro 2016: Welcome to France

  • all Fans at EURO 2016

    © Atout France/iStock/Niserin

    all Fans at EURO 2016

    © Atout France/iStock/Niserin

Supporters Euro 2016: Welcome to France

Everything you need to know about the 2016 tournament

Arrangements for security at the 2016 tournament are made in accordance with the European Convention of 1985 on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events.

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An unprecedented configuration unlike those adopted for previous tournament

This new configuration was adopted for three main reasons:

  • The number of foreign teams (24 teams)
  • Teams will play their 1st round matches in a variety of stadiums;
  • The longer duration of this tournament.

The presence of police officers from each country in France during the tournament

At EURO 2016, the French Ministry for the Interior will invite the police authorities from the participating nations to be present during the tournament.

Accompanied by the French police, they will follow their country’s supporters throughout their national team’s journey through the competition.

Their role will be to patrol in uniform in and around the stadiums, as well as in the fan zones, airports and train stations as and when they are needed.

These police officers will provide significant help and assistance with regards to managing foreign supporters that are present in the host cities.

They will be able to interact with supporters and communicate with them, facilitating the reception and assistance of members of the public in their native languages.

They will also be on hand to alert the local authorities of the presence of supporters that are considered a risk and will be able to identify such individuals.

The presence of Fan’s Embassies during the competition

Football Supporters Europe (FSE), UEFA and EURO 2016 SAS have been collaborating closely since September 2014 in order to establish Fan’s Embassies within the framework of the official social responsibility programme of UEFA EURO 2016™. The Respect Fan Culture programme links together all those responsible for the organisation of the tournament in order to allow visiting supporters to be received, advised and supported in the best way possible during this event.


A Fans’ Embassy is a service providing information, dialogue and support by and for the fans during international matches and major tournaments. Travelling with supporters from their respective countries, the Fans’ Embassies focus their efforts around two key missions: establishing social and preventative measures in association with the organising bodies and supporting the travelling fans whilst they are in a host city.


The volunteers in charge of the Fans’ Embassies are experienced supporters that are veterans of countless international tournaments. Association officials or welfare workers, they all share a common attachment to the fundamental values promoted by the FSE and they all strive to create the best possible travelling conditions for their country’s supporters, actively participating in the organisation of a EURO 2016 tournament that is festive, popular and accessible to all.


  • For supporters and by supporters
  • Reject all forms of discrimination and violence
  • Provide information that is independent and reliable
  • Protect the confidentiality of any personal information they receive
  • Carry out not-for-profit initiatives

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This information has been provided to us by the Ministry for the Interior, the Ministry of Urban Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Football Supporters Europe (FSE) Federation.

Supporters: Essential information for your visit to France

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This information has been supplied to us directly by the following bodies: the Ministry of Justice/ the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology/ the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts/ the Ministry of Urban Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Sports/ France Très Haut Débit.