• © Atout France/Jean François Tripelon−Jarry

    © Atout France/Jean François Tripelon−Jarry

  • © Atout France/Jean François Tripelon−Jarry

    © Atout France/Jean François Tripelon−Jarry

Skiing fr

A multi-faceted sport  

France’s most popular winter sport and outdoor activity, skiing can be enjoyed in a variety of guises, irrespective of your level, personal preference or the resort in which you’re staying. 


Ski touring 

In a way, ski touring offers a return to skiing’s roots, with enjoyment unencumbered by the presence of ski lifts and perfectly groomed slopes. The advances in equipment technology and new developments in skiing have given a shot in the arm to this sport whose demise was announced a little too quickly. 
Easily accessible to all and practised in places that are wilder and more remote than a normal ski area, it is nonetheless an activity where caution is paramount, particularly for those unfamiliar with the area being explored.

Off-piste skiing 

Even in off-piste skiing, modern equipment has completely transformed the sport. Perfect technique is no longer an absolute must given that descents and bends have become easier. This has had a direct consequence on off-piste skiing, and although a good standard of skiing is still required, it is now much more accessible to a wider public, with numerous ski schools now offering lessons dedicated specifically to the sport, which provides a perfect opportunity to explore areas covered in unblemished virgin snow.  

Cross-country and downhill skiing 

  • Downhill skiing is generally considered the king of mountain sports in those resorts equipped with ski lifts. It takes several forms, including a competitive element, but is suitable for everyone. The École du Ski Français boasts no fewer than 250 ski schools and 17,000 instructors, who will adapt their tuition to your specific requirements, irrespective of your level.
  • Cross-country skiing, by contrast, takes place on flat or undulating landscapes. Plunged into wild and unspoilt nature, you’ll come face to face with magnificent scenery and enjoy complete freedom of movement.

A multi-faceted sport offering something for everyone and plenty to satisfy young and old alike, whatever their level!


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