Plan a romantic autumn getaway in France

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Plan a romantic autumn getaway in France

When you think of France, the first phrase that comes to your mind is “romantic getaway”! 

Letting emotions carry you away while enjoying the breathtakingly views of Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower, treating your taste buds to the finest French cuisine in Lyon or having a glass of the finest wine in Bordeaux, next to the person you love, all of these combined to the fact that you’re visiting France in autumn are creating the perfect context for a romantic getaway. 

Blue Air operates routes from Romania to four main French cities: Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon. If you haven’t made any plans for your romantic autumn escapade, let us inspire you with some tips and things to do when visiting these cities.


Once you have arrived in the capital of love, the first stop is at the Eiffel Tower. Walking on the glass floor will give you goose bumps and the stairway to the top of the tower might leave you breathless, but everything will be worth it in the end when you’ll have the mesmerizing view of Paris right in front of you. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Champs Elysees or the Catacombs of Paris are also places you should check on your “to visit” list.

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Watching the autumnal sunrise on a cloudless, blue sky on the French Riviera – in other words, the perfect scenery for a romantic walk on the beach at dawn.

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Widely renowned for the incredible grape blends of the Bordeaux wine, it’s a must to end at least one of your days in this city trying the delicious and sophisticated French cuisine, next to a glass of Red Bordeaux wine. We recommend the restaurants located on the Riverfront, for a dinner with a view.

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There is no better period of the year better than autumn to visit the capital of gastronomy – Lyon. During autumn, Lyon is heaven for food lovers, as the streets abound of all sorts of flavors and smells that will automatically bewitch you.

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Regardless of the French holiday destination you choose, one thing’s for sure – you’ll definitely fall in love with these cities and want to visit them more than once. The autumnal colors, combined with the most iconic tourist attractions, the peerless French cuisine and the flavored red wine are the right ingredients for a romantic escapade this autumn.