The National Tourism & Handicap label

The National Tourism & Handicap label 75 Paris fr

The Tourisme et Handicap label helps to give disabled people accurate, consistent and objective information about the accessibility of sites and tourist facilities. The label focueses on the 4 big disabilities of motor, visual, audio and mental impairments. The label also highlights the efforts of tourist professionals who are committed to welcoming all potential clients and to providing them with a competitive advantage on both the national and European levels. 

Who is the label for?

The label is inteded for all tourism profesionals and service providers, including those in accommodation, hospitality, tourist attractions and leisure sites. 

How does the label work?

Application for the label is a voluntary process. It has been entirely digitalised since October 2016. Each interested professional must register online and complete a self-evaluation questionnaire which then allows them to evaluate the accessibility of their establishment and equipment for the different types of disabilities. 

If the self evalutation is then positive, the applicant may start the process of acquiring the label. This means that the establishment will receive an official visit by assessors who will identify, according to the appropriate guide for the structure, what is already at the necessary standard and what must be changed or adapted. 

Once the assessment has been done, the regional authority then examines the assessors' report, taking into account the regualtions as well as a human and logical approach. 

The label is issued by the Tourisme et Handicap association for a period of 5 years. It is renewable after a further accreditation process, ensuring that the establishment is still meeting the criteria. The label can be issued for two, three or four disabilities (motor, visual, audio and mental), each is represented by a different symbol to be found on the registered plaque. 


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