Must-see exhibitions in France 2016

  • Yoko Ono in En Trance, 1997 - Half A Wind Show, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2013

    Yoko Ono in En Trance, 1997 - Half A Wind Show, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2013

    © Bjarke Ørsted

  • Caillebotte / les roses

    Caillebotte / les roses

    © Musée des impressionnismes Giverny

  • René Magritte Le double secret, 1927

    René Magritte Le double secret, 1927

    © Centre Pompidou, mnam-cci /Dist. RMN-GP, Photo : G. Meguerditchian © Adagp, Paris 2015

Must-see exhibitions in France 2016

Culture and heritage are honoured in France. Every year, museums and monuments highlight artists, works, movements and personalities through exceptional temporary exhibitions.

In Paris

“Picasso. Sculpture”

Musée Picasso, coproduction MoMa of New York (Paris, 8 March to 28 August 2016)

This exhibition is an invitation to discover a lesser-known side of Picasso’s work in sculpture. The exhibition aims to bring together outstanding ensembles such as the series of Verre d’Absinthe (1914) and the original group of Baigneurs (1956) in wood, presented with works in cast bronze at the Picasso Museum. 

“Monumenta 2016”, Yongping (Huang)

Grand Palais (Paris, 8 May to 18 June 2016)

Since 2007, internationally-known contemporary artists have used the Grand Palais to present major works created especially for the occasion. In 2016, the artist Huang Yong Ping is taking the challenge! A representative of the Chinese avant-garde art, he envisions a spectacular installation, which reflects on the transformation of our world.

“Rembrandt, les années decisives”

Musée Jacquemart-André (Paris, 16 September 2016 to January 2017)

With the 3 masterpieces by Rembrandt held at the Jacquemart-André Museum, the exhibition retraces the highlights of this major artist’s career. In 40 paintings, the exhibition presents the three key stages in Rembrandt’s artistic development, and allows us to understand the evolution of the artist that dominated 17th Century Dutch art.

“René Magritte, the Treachery of Images”

At the Centre Pompidou (Paris, 21 September 2016 to the 23 January 2017)

Nearly 40 years after the first retrospective dedicated to him that the Centre Pompidou held in 1979, over 100 works by this surrealist artist fill the rooms of the Centre Pompidou, for an exhibition on the treachery of images that the artist would constantly denounce. 

In other regions

“Amedeo Modigliani, a retrospective”

At the Lille Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art (LaM) (Lille-Villeneuve d’Asq, 22 February to 5 June 2016)

An Italian painter and sculptor, Modigliani led a brief yet fruitful career. Roger Dutilleul, a passionate collector and co-founder of the modern art collection at the LaM (Lille Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art), crossed paths with Modigliani in 1918, just 2 years before the artist’s death. Working from this meeting, the museum presents a major exhibition that brings together this unique collection and many never-before-seen art loans.

“Yoko Ono: Lumière de l'aube”

At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (Lyon, 9 March to 10 July 2016)

The first Yoko Ono retrospective to be held in France, this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (MAC) presents over 100 works, from illustrated poems written in 1952 to grand installations from 2016, along with films, performances... True to the spirit of the artist’s work, the exhibition is a must-see, but also a chance for listening and experimentation. 

“Caillebotte, peintre et jardinier”

In Giverny (Normandy, from the 25 March to 3 July 2016)

Long considered an amateur painter, collector and patron of his friends, Gustave Caillebotte appears today as a major figure in Impressionism. Famous for his paintings inspired by the Haussmann Architecture in Paris, he devoted a significant amount of his creations to recreating gardens. At the Giverny Museum of Impressionisms, around 100 works, paintings and drawings have been gathered to reveal this side of his art.

“Picasso, a genius without a pedestal”

At the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) (Marseille, 26 April to 29 August 2016)

This major retrospective presents how Picasso, well established in his era and attached to his roots, nurtured his work with influences from the arts and popular traditions. The exhibition mirrors the artist’s masterpieces, some still unpublished, with reference-objects from the rich collections of the MuCEM.  

“From Picasso to Jasper Johns”

At the Musée Soulages (Rodez, spring-summer)

This new exhibition at the Musée Soulages allows us to discover the art of printing through works from the collaboration between the printer Aldo Crommelynck and internationally renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton. 

“Matisse en noir et blanc”

At the Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon (30 November to 6 March 2017)

Known for his vibrant and dazzling chromatic paintings, Matisse also loved to draw, a daily discipline that allowed him to expand his artistic talents in other areas. With motifs and some models, a number of paintings and sculptures will be presented next to their drawn or engraved drafts, as they were in the workshop.