France's major cultural events in 2014

  • Museum night

    © Paris Tourist Office - Amélie Dupont

    Museum night

    © Paris Tourist Office - Amélie Dupont

  • 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy


    70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy


  • Lille3000

    © Philippe Pauchet


    © Philippe Pauchet

France's major cultural events in 2014

Locals and travellers experience these special times all yearlong in France. Music, dance, painting, sculpture, contemporaryart, architecture, circuses and even theatre invadestreets, museums, châteaux, remarkable gardens, UNESCOsites and big cities.

Throughout France

2014, the year of memorial tourism

In 2014, France will be centre stage for two large commemorative events: the First World War Centenary, whose battlestook place in the north and north-east, and the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. These regions are preparing towelcome many visitors to memorial sites for these events.

European Museum Night 

Saturday 17 may 2014

Every year since 2005, thousands of museums across forty European countries have opened their doors at night, allowing visitors to experience their collections in a completely different way.

Rendez-vous aux jardins

30, 31 may and 1rst june 2014

In 2014, the «Rendez-vous aux jardins» event will inspire you to revisit your childhood and enjoy the richness of parks and gardens both public and private, open just for the week-end. Guided tours, theatrical performances, plant stalls and gardening workshops are expected to attract visitors in their thousands.

La Nuit des Etoiles

1 to 3 august 2014

Organised by the Association Française d’Astronomie, the Nuits des étoiles (Night of Stars) was a real successin 2013, with events such as stargazing with telescopes, night-time parties for children, concerts, events and picnicsunder the stars attracting nearly 110,000 people to 393 events.

European Heritage Days

20 and 21 septembrer 2014

An unmissable cultural highlight of the autumn season across Europe, this event was once again a huge successin 2013, with millions of visitors travelling all over France to discover or rediscover their cultural heritage.

In the regions...

L'Escale à Calais

6 to 9 june 2014

For this great sea and river event on the Opal coast, Carnot Basin will be flooded with tall ships, barges, fishing dundees, flat bottom boats and more. Some ships will be open to visitors, others will take on passengers for excursions ofseveral hours.

A Journey to Nantes

27 june to 31 august 2014

In 2014, A Journey to Nantes will take you on a journey to... Japan! The Samurai, Japanese warriors from the Middle Ages, have invaded the Château desDucs de Bretagne for an exhibition showcasing Ancient Japan which attempts to explain our fascination with this distant land and period. After this stop on the trail of A Journey to Nantes, continue your stroll by following the green line which takes you from a work of contemporary art to Les Machines de L’Ile, from the Passage Pommeraye to Le Nid bar at the top of the Tour Bretagne, from the Lieu Unique to the route around the Esuaire. In 2014, as in previous years, the permanent trail will be revived and enhanced, to ensure each visitor,whether newcomer or old regular, can see the city in a new and interesting light.

“La Nuit Blanche” in Paris

4 octobrer 2014

The next Nuit Blanche in Paris will take place on Saturday 4 October 2014 in the streets of the capital. On this night, discover a variety of contemporary art installations outside, and in the museums of Paris.

The journey continues for Lille3000

Throughout the year 2014

After Lille 2004, European Capital of Culture, lille3000 transformed the face of the city of Lille with events such as Bombaysersde Lille (2006), Europe XXL (2009) and Fantastic (2012), which together attracted more than four million visitors eachyear. Neither a festival nor biennial event, lille3000 invites visitors to discover cultures from here or elsewhere brought to lifeby the most contemporary of artists. Several large collections (from the François Pinault Foundation, Saatchi Gallery, CNAPand even the Galerie Perrotin) have also overrun unusual locations such as the Tripostal and Gare Saint Sauveur.In 2014, lille3000 will enrich this dynamism with numerous events waiting for you throughout the year.