Culture in this autumn in France

  • MuCEM - Scenography- Ai Weiwei_Cecile Degos juin 2018

    MuCEM - Scenography- Ai Weiwei_Cecile Degos juin 2018 - © Francois Deladerriere

    MuCEM - Scenography- Ai Weiwei_Cecile Degos juin 2018

    MuCEM - Scenography- Ai Weiwei_Cecile Degos juin 2018 - © Francois Deladerriere

Culture in this autumn in France Paris fr

From autumn, numerous large French cities - from Marseille to Lyon to Bordeaux - are dedicated to famous artists. A stay in Paris can be completed with a visit to the Musée du Quai Branly, which for the first time presents its collection of paintings from 200 previously unpublished works by Matisse and Gauguin. Those who like alternative and contemporary art will find happiness in the southern France in the city of Marseille, where so far the largest exhibition ever dedicated to Chinese star artist Ai Weiwei in France takes place. Do not miss this unique "Tour de France" of art!

The adventurer: "Jack London dans les mers du sud" (Jack London in the South Seas) in Bordeaux

This exhibition, which was presented in 2017 at the Vieille Charité in Marseille, invites to travel and adventures that have shaped the life and works of the American writer Jack London. As part of the exhibition, visitors can experience one of its most daring bets: the Pacific's 1907 passage from San Francisco to Sydney aboard its sailing ship, the Snarks. Accompanied by his wife Charmian, a captain, a mechanic, a cook and a ship's boy, he drove 12,000 kilometers - an expedition full of exciting encounters, which inspired him to many of his novels and travelogues.

Musée d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux
Until 2 December 2018
Admission: 5 €

The star provocateur: "Ai Weiwei Fan-Tan" in Marseilles

 In the MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) in Marseille, the Chinese star artist Ai Weiwei pays homage to his father, the poet and painter Ai Qing, who first entered European soil some 90 years ago in this southern French port city. Highlights include a giant upside-down bottle dryer with 61 chandeliers attached, and two giant soaps ̶ alluding to the famous "Savon de Marseille" ̶  on which are extracts from the Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Women and Citizens. With about 50 works, it is one of the largest exhibitions that France has dedicated to the artist Ai Weiwei until now. 


Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean in Marseilles
Until 12th November 2018
Admission: 9,50 €

The draftsman: "Hugo Pratt, lignes d'horizons" in Lyon

This Italian artist, the 'father' of the cartoon character Corto Maltese, has shaped the world of comics like no other, influenced even by various journeys, books and interpersonal encounters. This first exhibition, dedicated to Hugo Pratt, is an immersive journey that shows original images of his favorite landscapes, from Oceania to America across the Amazon.

Musée des Confluences Lyon
Until March 24, 2019
Admission: 9 €


Exotic: "paintings of remote areas" in Paris

For the first time since its opening, the Musée du Quai Branly presents its collection of paintings: 200 works that have never been shown before show the gaze of Western artists on exotic societies and peoples. Matisse, Gauguin, Emile Bernard, ... the exhibition focuses on the travels and encounters of European artists from the 18th to the 20th century.

Musée du Quai Branly Paris
Until 6th January 2019
Admission: 10 €


Cultural tip for 2019

The Center-Val de Loire region benefited from the Renaissance, the most beautiful creative minds in the history of art and sciences, intellectuals and enlightened humanists.
1519 was particularly symbolic, with the beginning of the construction of the Royal Castle of Chambord, and the death of Leonardo da Vinci at Clos Lucé in Amboise.

An exhibition-event at the Royal Castle of Amboise in the Loire Valley

From May 2 to September 2, 2019, in partnership with the National Library of France the royal castle of Amboise will propose a major exhibition entitled "The death of Leonardo da Vinci: the construction of a myth". In the center stands the monumental painting by François-Guillaume Ménageot The death of Leonardo da Vinci, and a collection of engravings. The Italian graffiti artist RAVO will present five monumental canvases over the same period, which will take details of Ménageot's painting as a subject. To honor this commission, the artist will be in residence at the château in April 2019.

More information on the website of the Royal Castle of Amboise



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