Alpine touring

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Alpine touring

Even if one could easily take cross-country skiing and alpine touring for one and the same activity, there's quite a difference between these two activities. Ski touring is arguably one of the most original forms of alpine skiing.

Ski touring actually takes you back to the origins of skiing when no mechanical ski lifts or perfectly prepared slopes existed.

Today, you put your furs beneath your skis (artificial, of course!) and start your journey to the mountain top, which has become so much easier thanks to new technologies and materials used. The new design of the skis brought back to life a type of skiing that was all too quickly forgotten. This new interest in alpine touring can be seen as quite a revolution, especially taking into consideration that the march up the mountain takes up about 80% of the time you need for one excursion. 


All those passionate about alpine touring are also keeping a close eye on the environmental aspect of the sport - in fact, the sport itsself can be considered eco-touristic due to its minimal effect on nature.


Even though alpine touring can be practiced by anyone interested, you should always bear in mind that this type of skiing cannot be compared to gliding down a slope of a ski resort. Stay cautious whenever you practice this sport! We recommend to go on tours together with a local professional who can guide you safely through the mountaneous landscape.



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