Culinary events you shouldn't miss

  • Fête de la gastronomie, Buffet Hôtel Scribe

    © Atout France/Cédric Helsly

    Fête de la gastronomie, Buffet Hôtel Scribe

    © Atout France/Cédric Helsly

  • Bordeaux Fête le vin

    © Bordeaux Fête le Vin / Gilles ARROYO & Jean Bernard NADEAU

    Bordeaux Fête le vin

    © Bordeaux Fête le Vin / Gilles ARROYO & Jean Bernard NADEAU

  • Salon du Chocolat Grand Public Paris

    © salon du chocolat

    Salon du Chocolat Grand Public Paris

    © salon du chocolat

  • Défilé Salon du chocolat

    © salon du chocolat

    Défilé Salon du chocolat

    © salon du chocolat

Culinary events you shouldn't miss FRANCE fr

Culinary events in France

Paris and many more French towns host lots of culinary events throughout the course of the year and turn France into the "world's largest restaurant"

Feburary: international agricultural trade fair

The international agricultural fair celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. The past 50 years had been dedicated to promoting French products which form the basis of the French cuisine's exceptional reputation. All regions of metropolitan France and the overseas departements invite you to participate in numerous animations: be part of a cooking show in Alsace, learn more about the secrets behind the production of cheese in Auvergne or try a delicious cannelé in Bordeaux... 

March: Omnivore Food Festival

The Omnivore Food Festival sets up its Laboratoire de la Cuisine contemporaine (laboratory for contemporary cuisine) in Paris. During three days, chefs from all over the globe, pastry chefs, craftsmen and producers invite you to discover their cuisine around the topics "salty", "sweet" and "crafts". There are also several restaurants throughout the city who provide special dinner menus.

May: The "Foire de Paris"

The "Foire de Paris" allows you to discover, try and compare at one single exhibition all products and service that influence your daily life. It provides you with a great opportunity to get to know wines and gastronomy... culinary workshops, tastings, wine competitions and special menus in several restaurants are added on top. 

June: Bordeaux celebrates its wine

The festival "Bordeaux fête le vin" is organised in alternation with "Bordeaux fête le fleuve" (Bordeaux celebrates the river). In even years, at the beginning of summer, Bordeaux becomes the place to be for wine lovers. Workshops, tastings, concerts, sound and light shows are part of this extraordinary event along the quais of Bordeaux, which are listed as UNESCO world heritage. 

From July to September: the festival "Les Goûts uniques" (unique flavours)

Every two years during summer, this festival takes place in Pays de la Loire (Western Loire) and offers many opportunities for producers and chefs to meet. From Nantes to Angers and even on the Île d'Yeu, you can buy your ingredients at the markets, take part in "lunch in the green" or particiapte in tasteful workshops.

September: Fête de la Gastronomie

The fête de la Gastronomie takes place during the first autumn weekend in September and celebrates the know-how, tradition and innovation of the French gastronomy. Throughout the entire country, this great and popular festival is on top of the agenda of all foodies and professionals from the food industry. Banquets, tastings, workshops, guided tours and much more are offered...

September: Tous au Restaurant

Since 2010, the concept of "Tous au Restaurant" allows you to discover the best restaurants in France during the course of a whole week. Thousands of restaurants put their spotlights on the diversity of the French cuisine - many focus on a region, a passion or a technique. In all participating restaurants, for each customer ordering the special "Tous au restaurant" menu, the restaurant is offering a free menu for the accompanying guest. 

September: les Etoiles de Mougins (stars of Mougins)

During the international gastronomic festival "Les Etoiles de Mougins", the village of Mougins is transformed into a large stage for great taste under the open sky. During 3 days, the best chefs in the world are offering cooking classes and prepare their recipes before your eyes, while several competitions allow professionals and amateurs to showcase their know-how. 

October: Grape harvest festival in Montmartre

This festival takes place every year in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Celebrate the wine of Clos Montmartre together with the Parisians! The festival is on for several days and proposes tasting sessions, original animations, concerts and fireworks.

November: Paris Chocolate fair

You have a passion for chocolate? Perfect - then the "Salon du Chocolat" is the place to be! It is the ideal meeting spot for those who cultivate cocoa beans and those who consume and love the final product. Great chefs engage in show-cooking for cocoa-based recipies; furthermore, lots of workshops for children or even a chocolate catwalk await you! Delicious!

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