The French cuisine is known throughout the world for superior quality and diversity. Being an exceptional heritage, the French gastronomy has constantly evolved due to the creativity of all the chefs who don't stop reinventing and experimenting in order to surprise and delight our tastebuds.

From the North to Provence, from Brittany to Alsace, in Burgundy, the Southwest or on Corsica - discover the variety and richness of the French territories through their gastronomy. Each region of France invites you to try her specialties and experience a moment of conviviality, especially the French gastronomic meal, which has been listed as immaterial UNESCO world heritage since 2010.

Try the French lifestyle for yourself during your stay and enrich your experience by meeting producers at local markets, or get to know French chefs who put all their passion and love into their job.

Foodies or fans of fine products - you will be tempted by the rich choice of flavours that awaits you in each region!