Capitole of Toulouse

  • © Atout France / Franck Charel

    © Atout France / Franck Charel

Capitole of Toulouse 31000 Toulouse fr

City Hall headquarters since the twelfth century, this neoclassical masterpiece unfolds its majestic facade of brick and stone on the not-to-be missed Place du Capitole. Enlarged, converted, and embellished over time, texts inscribed on its walls tell the great moments of Toulouse History: from the Cathar episode and the creation of the Floral Games poetry competition, to the Counts of Toulouse, and the siege of the city.


Couples will not want to miss the elegant gala rooms of the Capitole. And one can discover love at any age through the beautiful paintings in the Paul Gervais room. Plunge into the heart of the season and walk along the banks of the River Garonne through the Henri Martin Impressionist room. Finally enter the splendid Salle des Illustres, with its richly carved and decorated busts of famous historical figures, where Toulouse weddings are currently celebrated. When you finish the grand tour, simply stroll the beautiful Capitole place, and gaze at the large bronze Occitan cross beneath your feet, illustrating the historical traditions of this beautiful region. And don't forget opera lovers, you'll be happy to know that the Capitole is also the home of the world renowned and majestic Opera of Toulouse. There truly is something for everyone, especially at this time of year, when romance fills the air.



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