Brest International Maritime Festival

From July 13, 2016 to July 19, 2016
  • Bessie Ellen

    © Brest 2016 / DR

    Bessie Ellen

    © Brest 2016 / DR

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    IDEC sport

    © Jean Marie Liot

Brest International Maritime Festival 29190 Brest fr

Brest 2016: Ships ahoy!

After celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012, Brest is now preparing for its 7th Fêtes Maritimes Internationales which will be held from 13 to 19 July 2016. 
The success of the festival has grown over the years, with the 2012 festival culminating in an exciting atmosphere both on land and sea created by 715,000 visitors and around 9,000 yachtsmen and women on 1,500 boats from 25 different countries.

The Brest 2016 festival is sure to be just as spectacular!

Once again, over a thousand boats are expected, including the famous frigate, Hermione.

On the waterfront, “villages” from the countries invited to the festival will introduce visitors to a whole host of different maritime cultures which, despite their distance apart, have so much in common.

This year, the theme of the festival is that of celebration in all its guises, with a whole host of concerts, exhibitions, street theatre, firework displays and parades planned. 

There’s also a focus on younger visitors, with a range of activities and entertainment especially designed for children.

Don’t miss

  • Wednesday 13 July: The festival opens to the public, official opening ceremony and first night-time parade (sound and light show)
  • Thursday 14 July: Firework display
  • Friday 15 July: 2nd night-time parade (sound and light show)
  • Saturday 16 July: 3rd night-time parade (sound and light show)
  • Sunday 17 July: 4th night-time parade (sound and light show)
  • Monday 18 July: 2nd firework display
  • Tuesday 19 July: Grande Parade from Brest to Douarnenez


Admission fees and rates

Ticket 1 day
Full price ticket: 15 €
Discount ticket  : 9€

Ticket 2 days
Full price ticket : 24 €
Discount ticket : 14 €  

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