In Saint-Denis, on 12 July 1998, 80,000 spectators witnessed France’s 3-0 victory over Brazil in football’s World Cup Final at the Stade de France. In addition to this famous sporting arena, Saint-Denis, located on the edge of Paris, is known for its 12th century basilica-cathedral, the resting-place for the kings of France and the world’s earliest Gothic-style church.

Basilique de Saint-Denis et Le Stade de France en toile de fond
©Centre des monuments nationaux/Pascal Lemaitre
  Saint-Denis: rendez-vous in town


Don't miss


  • Delve into the history of France in the basilica-cathedral, the burial site of the kings and queens of France
  • Have lunch in the restaurant of the Cité du Cinéma, created by Luc Besson
  • Discover the history and development of Saint-Denis via 20 explanatory panels dotted around the town
  • Stroll along the Canal Saint-Denis with its numerous vestiges of its industrial heritage
  • Visit the market in the town centre with its covered halls
  • Enjoy some artistic creation at the 6B centre
  • Experience the thrill of the skies at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace in Le Bourget
  • Look for bargains at the Saint-Ouen flea market
  • Enjoy a relaxing break in Enghien-les Bains, with its lake and casino
  • Spend a day in Paris and another in Auvers-sur-Oise, with its multimedia “Journey to the time of the Impressionists” exhibition