Rendez-vous at the Parliament of Brittany in Rennes

  • © Michel Ogier

  • © Michel Ogier

Rendez-vous at the Parliament of Brittany in Rennes 35000 Rennes fr

From a heritage and historical point of view, the Parliament of Brittany building is one of Rennes's and Brittany's finest tourist attractions

The symbol and backdrop to the episodes that have marked the history of Brittany, the Parliament building is also a remarkable example of 17th century grand royal and Parisian decorative style.

Constructed between 1618 and 1655, the seat of the sovereign court of justice was responsible for recording edicts and royal letters and the prestige of its function is expressed within in its walls.

The Great Chamber, a magnificent gem of interior decoration with coffered ceilings, carved and gilded panelling, offers a unique example of the pictorial style of this period.
After a century of construction, Louis XV’s architect, Jacques V Gabriel, endowed the palace with a royal square, giving it rhythm by alternating granite and tufa – a setting for the statue of the Sun King.

With the Revolution, the parliament lost its political aspect but retained its role as a court of justice. The fire of 1994 traumatised the Bretons, fortunately put right by an exemplary restoration and the re-opening of the building as a court of appeal and historic building open to the public.

Not to be missed

The Pas Perdus room, formerly the Public prosecutor's room, the Pillar room, the Main Chamber Council and the Main Chamber...


A tour of the Parliament of Brittany building must be booked at the Box-office of Tourist Information Centre Tél. +33 (0)2 99 67 11 66.

It's also part of the Rennes City Pass offer, your ticket to discover Rennes at great low prices !

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