• Village view

    © OT Morzine/Pierre Jacques

    Village view

    © OT Morzine/Pierre Jacques

  • Skiers

    © OT Morzine


    © OT Morzine

  • Chalet et skiers

    © Matthieu Vitré

    Chalet et skiers

    © Matthieu Vitré

Morzine 74110 Morzine fr

Morzine in the winter: a village resort

Under the slate roofs you'll find a resort with centrally heated stone walls and hemstitched balconies, Morzine shelters the soul of the village.

A welcoming village... where you can see the Haute-Savoie way of life clearly visible every day: take your time at Morzine, savour the cheese based dishes in wintertime and unwind with a glass of Abricotine.

Morzine is a traditional village with a rich heritage that you can explore by walking the alleyways: the history of the village is written under the double gates, explaining customs which still continue today and celebrations which hark back to its past legacy. To get to know it better, take a tour with the help of guides passionate about the village and ready to share their knowledge.

Morzine offers skiers 180km of alpine ski runway up to 1000 metres in altitude. The resort has 86 ski lifts, 3 cable cars, 44 chair lifts, 29 ski tows and 5 cable cars.

Morzine has been awarded the "Famille Plus" label, showing that it has been identified as a resort particularly suitable for families with children.

At Morzine it is also possible to take part in outdoor activities, sure to delight children and adults alike: dog sledding, Nordic skiing, fly in a helicopter, off-piste skiing, paragliding, ice skating, tobogganing for children aged 2-6, ice diving, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, night skiing... you can also enjoy the terrain park and the slaloms.


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