Rendez-vous in Belfort

  • Le Lion de Belfort

    © Belfort Tourisme

    Le Lion de Belfort

    © Belfort Tourisme

  • Fortifications de Nuit

    © Belfort Tourisme

    Fortifications de Nuit

    © Belfort Tourisme

  • Ballon d'Alsace

    © Belfort Tourisme

    Ballon d'Alsace

    © Belfort Tourisme

  • Les Eurockéennes de Belfort

    © Belfort Tourisme

    Les Eurockéennes de Belfort

    © Belfort Tourisme

Rendez-vous in Belfort 2bis rue Clemenceau 90000 Belfort fr

Get off the beaten track to explore the land of the Lion!

Belfort, a truly extraordinary place. Unsual, did you say?

Bordering Alsace in the Franche-Comté region, the Territoire de Belfort really is like no other. Its history and geography alone make our multi-faceted department an outward-looking hub of exchange and one which is certainly worth exploring!

Belfort, the city of the Lion

The citadel of Belfort, with the grand souterrain (an audio-guided tour of the outside, in which colourful characters recount the history of Belfort), the history museum, Espace Bartholdi (the History museum has created a special place for Bartholdi where different versions of the Lion and important pieces by the artist.

The Lion of  Belfort by Bartholdi. The Lion stands 11m high and 22m long.

The museum of fine art, the tower 46 , the museum of modern art (Donation Maurice Jardot)

The hidden of the old town....
Sightseeing made easy with the little tourist train !

The Territoire of Belfort

The Ballon d'Alsace a major site of national interest. It is situated within the Parc Naturel Regional des Ballons des Vosges (Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park) and has been a listed national site since 1982, which means it will always be well-preserved. It is really the ideal place for a family holiday or a break with friends any time of the year.

Whether it's local heritage, industrial techniques, the everyday lives of people in years gone by or even craftsmanship and industry you're interested in, you're sure to find a museum in The Territoire de Belfort to tell you all about it!

Not to be missed :

Fleamarket in the streets of the old town of Belfort. The first Sunday of the month from March to December.

The FIMU, a celebration of music every Whitsun weekend. The festival attract nearly 3 000 musicians and choristers from all corners of the world as they come together to entertain both the locals. Free festival.

The Eurockéennes de Belfort : this rock festival takes place on the Malsaucy peninsula. This events is a always huge artistic and cultural success.
Entrevues,  the most low-key of the great festivals. So if you're a film buff and you fancy checking out some of the greatest talent in the history of cinema come and join us; who knows, you might even learn something amazing!


  • By train:
    Paris–Belfort: 3h45mn
    Lyon–Belfort: 2h30mn
    Rhin-Rhône TGV high-speed train
    Paris–Belfort: 2h15mn
    Lyon–Belfort: 2h25mn
    Marseille-Belfort: 4h15mn
    Strasbourg-Belfort: 1h15mn
    Zurich-Belfort: 1h45mn
  • By car (A36 motorway, Stuttgart-Lyon branch):
    Paris–Belfort: 5 hr/420 km
    Lyon–Belfort: 3 hr/340 km
  • By plane:
    Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Euro-airport, 45 minutes from Belfort


Belfort Tourisme
2bis rue Clemenceau
90000 Belfort
Tel : +33 (0)3 84 55 90 90
Fax : +33 (0)3 84 55 90 70

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