Inaugurations, restorations & openings in 2016: cultural sites in motion

  • © CRTA - Alain BEGUERIE

    © CRTA - Alain BEGUERIE

Inaugurations, restorations & openings in 2016: cultural sites in motion

Renovations, construction, opening ceremonies... Once again this year, throughout France, museums, chateaux, and wildlife parks present new reasons to spend one, or several days, to (re)discover them.

In Paris and the surrounding area:

  • La Canopée des Halles

From March 2016

The quartier des Halles has reinvented itself! With construction work having started in 2010, the Canopée des Halles is coming this spring. An immense glass roof allows light to shine down into the shopping centre. In April a contemporary brasserie by Alain Ducasse will open, where regional French dishes will be served. Very spacious, making for a large pedestrianised area with more shops, this is the future place to be for Parisians and tourists.

  • La cité musicale de l’Île Seguin

Autumn 2016 (date TBA)

A project unique in France and Europe, the Cité Musicale will be located on the Seguin Island, in the south west of Paris. This architectural complex is being developed across 280 metres along the Seine. The idea of "culture for all" and "excellence for everyone" is the heart of the project. This will be a place for everyone, where culture is considered in all its aspects: concerts exhibitions, games for kids, shops...

In other regions

  • Cité des Civilisations du Vin in Bordeaux

2 June 2016

Inseparable from the culture and living heritage of France, wine has shaped the French landscapes. A symbol of sharing, present in many traditions, a source of myths and artistic inspiration, wine has contributed to create links between people. A true "beacon of light" located at the entrance of Bordeaux on the banks of the Garonne, the Cité des Civilisations du Vin presents a discovery of savoir-faire and age-old civilisations around wine. Neither museum nor theme park, the Cité will focus on emotions, feelings and dreams in a fun, spectacular and sensorial multimedia journey. At the top of the tower, a gazebo will boast a panoramic view of Bordeaux and its vineyards.

  • Opening of Lascaux 4 in Montignac

Autumn 2016 (date TBA)

In 2016, at the foot of Lascaux hill in Dordogne, the Parietal Art International Centre (Centre International d'Art Pariétal) will open. It will offer the public a complete facsimile of the original cave thanks to virtual reality, and also the discovery of the cave art from around the world and the Cro-Magnon civilisation.

  • Opening of the Carré du Palais

April 2016

A true wine tourism complex, the Carré du Palais will be located upon the steps of the famous Palais des Papes in Avignon. It will hold a wine school, a wine bar comprising of all A.O.C. appellations from the Rhone valley, a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Place de l'Horloge, a hotel and delicatessen/gourmet food stores.

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