Val d'Allos - La Foux

  • Vall d'Allos La Foux

    © photo office de tourisme du Val d’Allos – R Palomba.

    Vall d'Allos La Foux

    © photo office de tourisme du Val d’Allos – R Palomba.

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Val d'Allos - La Foux

This is the highest mountain in the Southern Alps. Built in 1800 meters, only cottages and residences beautifully dressed wooden intertwine around the heart of the resort and ski area. People come here with family or tribe to appreciate its dry climate and tonic for a holiday shared. Connected to Pra Loup, the ski area of Espace Lumière is the height of 230 km of pistes and 1200 vertical meters. This is also undoubtedly the finest in the Southern Alps!

Alpine area : Protected by the summits of la Grande Séolane (2909 m) and of Trois Evêchés (2818m), this area offers a wide variety of slopes and landscapes on the edge of the Mercantour National Park. One jumps from one side to another, in valleys of hilly, sunny side of the shady side. 40 lifts serving all types of tracks to the neighboring resort of Pra Loup. Over its 180 kms of pistes and combined with the resort of Val d'Allos-Le Seignus, Espace Lumière offers grand views. The gaze is on the Mont Ventoux in the west and Mount Viso in the east. On clear days, it is even the Sainte Victoire mountain that can be seen in the distance. The Espace Lumière, by its exposure and its extent is also a high place of off-piste skiing in mountain areas or along safe routes.

Ski Area : The areas of Val d'Allos - La Foux and Pra Loup are linked by their tracks a huge playground along 180 kms. Combined (but not linked) to the area of ​​Val d'Allos-Le Seignus and its 50 km of pistes, they form together the Espace Lumière. Located on the edge of the North West Mercantour National Park, one jumps from one side to the other enjoying the unique opportunity to ski all day in the sun. From its high points it shows both the Mont Ventoux and the Sainte-Victoire Mont Viso or the Barre des Ecrins. With 230 km of pistes, Espace Lumière is one of the largest ski areas in France. It is undoubtedly the finest in the Southern Alps.

Here we also take the snow differently! Whether you snowshoe enthusiasts, walking, skating, paragliding, speed riding, hiking to snowmobiling and many other outdoor air, all you bring a breath of fresh air and images in their eyes! You can also take care of you and ensure your wellbeing. Enjoy the movie or the game library without forgetting the Sorites heritage discovery. For children and adults alike a wide range of leisure activities is proposed not to mention a rich entertainment program.

Labeled Family Plus, the resorts of Val d'Allos make every effort to welcome families. On arrival at the resort, the tourist office of Val d'Allos offers free information booklet listing all bids reserved to accommodate children and their families ... a whole range of tips and advice for an enjoyable family vacation! Side activities children are full of souvenirs to suit all offers. Each week, the entertainment program full of ideas for a good time. The family vacation is the Val d'Allos!

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