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Central France

Welcome to Central France, the heart of France!

While regions such as Ile-de-France (the surrounding region of Paris) or the Loire Valley are immensely popular among tourists from Eastern Europe, the Auvergne and Limousin remain highly recommendable insider tips.

Ile-de-France disposes of quite a few cultural treasures known throughout the world, e.g. the Palace of Versailles, home of the famous French king Louis XIV. Just as much splendour awaits you in the Loire Valley, where lots of magnificent castles are dotted along the shores of the Loire river. You will admire the beauty of castles such as Amboise, Chambord or Villandry! Why not discover the region by bike or rent a houseboat? A perfect way to get the know the cultural heritage at your own pace...

The Auvergne is often labelled the "green heart of France" due to its massive volcanic chains. Those among you who look for a bit of outdoor action during their vacation will love this region - just as much as neighbouring Limousin, where you can enjoy sustainable tourism in its purest forms. Burgundy will seduce you with a wonderful mix of culture, wine and nature.