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    Let’s celebrate bistronomy – 100 places to discover in Paris

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    Toulouse: pink & Pyrénées

    Discover the Pyrénées and their beautiful gateway Toulouse. The "pink" city in Southern France will surprise you!

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    Le Havre, 500th anniversary

    Find out more about the colorful cultural program designed to commemorate Le Havre's 500th anniversary!

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    Paris - city of light

    Paris is always worth the journey! Springtime in the "city of lights" awaits you...

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    Let’s celebrate bistronomy – 100 places to discover in Paris
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    Bordeaux, World Heritage at the gates of the vineyard Only one hour from Paris by plane, and three hours by train (TGV), Bordeaux is the capital of southwestern France. It is distinguished by its exceptional 18th century architecture that has earned it the title of “Little Paris” around 200 years...
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    Whether seen from afar or up-close, the Mont-Saint-Michel is a wonder. A mirage. Its reflection in the bay (of the same name) doubles the illusion. The Mont-Saint-Michel looms dramatically on the horizon, defying the highest tides in Europe. The rocky island topped by an 11th-century Benedictine...