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    Ahmad Jamal declares his love for Marseille

    The legendary American Jazz pianist is dedicating an album to the Phocean city.

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    Colorful Provence

    Discover the many scents, tastes and colours of Provence while the lavender fields are in full bloom...

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    Your vacation in Brittany

    Discover the French seaside! The marvellous coasts of Brittany have a lot to offer throughout summertime...

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    Tour the France

    This year, the Tour de France will start in Dusseldorf (Germany). An exciting race through France lies ahead!

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    Let’s celebrate bistronomy – 100 places to discover in Paris

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    Paris - city of light

    Paris is always worth the journey! Start planning your summer vacation in the French capital now!

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    Explore, dream, taste, dance... experience France by night!
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    We walked the red carpet. We sailed around the Côte d'Azur. We danced. We met movie legends and their fans, people in a hurry, and people just relaxing and enjoying the view. We even watched a few films! But what's left now that the Festival de Cannes is over? Sun, flower-filled gardens, inspired...
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    Tour de France 2017 For the first time since 1992, participants will cross France's five major mountain ranges - the Vosges, the Jura, the Pyrénées, Massif Central, and the Alps - during Tour de France 2017.   Suffice it to say that mountains will be more or less omnipresent in this edition of...