• © Sandra Semburg

    Fashion Week in Paris

    24 hours as a fashion hunter

    © Sandra Semburg

  • © Hôtel de Crillon

    The Hôtel de Crillon reopens its doors

    Come and join us for a sneak preview of the legendary Parisian luxury hotel just before its grand reopening...

    © Hôtel de Crillon

  • © Sergii Figurnyi - Fotolia.com

    Marseille: on the doorstep of Provence

    Discover Marseille, capital of Provence, and experience the lifestyle of Southern France!

    © Sergii Figurnyi - Fotolia.com

  • © Fotolia.com/janoka82

    Your vacation in Brittany

    Discover the French seaside! The marvellous coasts of Brittany have a lot to offer throughout summertime...

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  • © L'Assiette

    Let’s celebrate bistronomy – 100 places to discover in Paris

    © L'Assiette

  • © Alliance/Fotolia.com

    Paris - city of light

    Everything you need for planning your perfect summer vacation in Paris...

    © Alliance/Fotolia.com

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